TAAC members offer professional agricultural consulting services. In order to ensure that a high quality of excellence is maintained by the organization, individual members are required to pass rigid standards of experience, training, and performance, and they must be independently employed. An independent agricultural consultant, as defined by the organization, is "a person who, as an individual, derives a livelihood from offering independent, objective advice in matters relating to agricultural production and who acts as a private contractor."

In order to qualify for membership to TAAC, individuals must meet the above requirements, and posses a four-year college degree in an agricultural field. Members must have had a minimum of four years of reputable experience in an appropriate field of agricultural consulting, one year of which may be substituted by a master's degree and two years by a Ph.D. degree. The membership review committee may permit the substitution of six years of non-consulting experience in an appropriate field for two years as a private agricultural consultant. A minimum of two years as an independent consultant is required.

In addition to fulfilling the above requirements, an otherwise qualified applicant for membership must provide references from individuals for whom he/she has personally provided consulting services.

The annual membership fee to the association is $95.


For membership and other organizational information, please contact:

Webb Wallace, Ph.D.
Texas Association of Agricultural Consultants
1822 Cherry Ct
Harlingen, Texas 78550-4422
Office: 956-423-6393
Fax: 956_423-6473

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