The Texas Association of Agricultural Consultants (TAAC) was founded in 1974 by six private, consulting entomologists. Since that time, the organization has grown in membership and stature. It serves as the official organization for private, independent agricultural consultants within the state.

As the state's agricultural industry continues to evolve, farm growers are increasingly becoming dependent upon the advice of crop consultants. That advice may range from insect and weed pest control to farming strategies for the approaching crop year. TAAC members contribute greatly to their growing clientele of farmers, and many farm growers regard their consultant as personal friends and production partners.

The high-level expertise of so many Texas consultants has made them excellent partners in IPM program technologies. "Crop consultants are critically important to IPM in Texas," says Dr. Tom Fuchs, state IPM coordinator with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. "They have a big impact on agriculture in this state and they work hand in hand with growers to implement IPM at the field level."

As IPM and farming become more complex, farmers rely on consultants even more. "Consultants can concentrate on the technical side, allowing farmers to spend more time on marketing and other things that are now essential to farming," says Dan Bradshaw, a TAAC member and crop consultant in Wharton County.

"We think a partnership with private consultants is critical. With new technologies being developed so quickly, the role of demonstrating technology to growers in the local area and ensuring they're cost effective is critical," Fuchs says.

TAAC allows a forum for its membership to work collectively to address the many farm production issues that arise across the state each year. Members help growers farm more efficiently...reducing the cost of production and improving the production potential of the various crops that are included in their consulting programs.

Members of TAAC offer growers insight into many and various farming concepts that range from integrated pest management principles to complete integrated crop management programs. Several of the organization's members also offer private research services, helping to derive new crop and insect management techniques based on new and evolving technologies.

The organization today is comprised of 57 members that represent more than 915 man-years of consulting experience. Their educational background include Bachelor, Master and PhD degreed professionals. If you are a private consultant in search of an organization that sets the standards and pace for today's production agriculture, then TAAC membership should be your priority. If you are a farm grower in need of qualified, expert and professional advice, then you are encouraged to seek out any one of the consultants listed at this web site.

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