Upper Gulf Coast Professional Agricultural Consultants

Dan E. Bradshaw

Crop Aid Agricultural Consultants
2806 Western Acres
El Campo TX 77437

Office: 979-543-3416
Fax: 979-543-3416
Mobile: 979-541-7560

Education: BS (Agronomy)
Memberships: NAICC, ASA, CSSA
Certifications: CPCC-I, CPAg, CPCS
Services: Integrated Crop Management (ICM). Complete crop production and protection systems; expert witness; product and concept consulting. Specializing in soil fertility, plant nutrition, best management practices, variety testing, soil tillage, moisture monitoring.
Crops: Rice, corn, soybean, grain sorghum, wheat and turfgrass
Counties: Wharton, Matagorda, Brazoria, Colorado, Jackson, Lavaca and Fort Bend

Gary C. Bradshaw

Bradshaw Agricultural Consulting
PO Box 514
Pattison TX 77466

Office: 281-828-0630
Fax: 281-828-0630
Mobile: 281-703-7097

Education: BS (Agronomy).
Membeships: NAICC
Certifications: CCA
Services: Integrated Crop Management (ICM); including variety selection, soil fertility, irrigation, insect weed and disease management, expert witness, GPS mapping.
Crops: Rice, soybeans, corn grain sorghum, and forage crops
Counties: Waller, Fort Bend, Colorado, Wharton, Brazoria

Glenn L. Crane

Coastal Ag Consulting, Inc.
2023 W Cypress St
East Bernard TX 77435

Office: 979-335-4049
Mobile: 979-531-9302


Education: BS (Plant and Soil Science)
Memberships: NAICC, ASA
Certifications: CCA
Services: Provide services in fertility, pesticide application and irrigation. Contract research for ag chemical industry, litigation, investigation, expert witness.
Crops: Rice, soybeans
Counties: Wharton, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Matorgorda

Larry W. McAnally

810 Clubside Dr
East Bernard TX 77435

Office: 979-335-4318

Education: BS (Agriculture)
Certifications: CCA
Services: Consulting, contract research.
Crops: Rice, cotton, soybeans, milo, corn, pasture
Counties: Matagorda, Wharton, Jackson

Cliff Mock

Cliff Mock Consulting
1307 S Hill St
Alvin TX 7751
Office: 281-331-8142
Mobile: 713-724-9470

Education: BS (Animal Science)
Memberships: TX Rice Imp. Board, TX Rice Res. Adv. Board
Services: Integrated pest management for rice production.
Crops: Rice
Counties: Brazoria, Fort Bend, Wharton.

David L. Wilde

Coastal Ag Research, Inc
PO Box 760
East Bernard TX 77435

Office: 979-335-4451
Fax: 979- 335-4183
Mobile: 979-559-8888


Education: BS (Agronomy)
Memberships: NAICC, SWSS, ASA
Services: Total crop management program including varieties, fertility, weeds, insects, diseases. Contract research, expert witness, GLP trials conducted including RAC, decline, worker exposure, soil dissipation, foliar dislodgeables.
Crops: Rice, cotton, soybeans, corn, milo, peanuts, wheat, oats, turf, peaches, pecans, vegetables
Counties: Wharton, Fort Bend, Harris, Waller, Austin, Colorado


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