Rio Grande Valley Professional Agricultural Consultants

John E. Christian

Christian Agri-Consulting
981 W Fox Ave
Raymondville, Texas 78580

Office: 956-699-2045
Fax: 956-689-4258
Mobile: 956-534-8918

Education: BS (Entomology); MS (Education)
Certifications: CCA
Services: Insect, disease and fertility services.
Crops: Cotton, grain sorghum, corn
Counties: Willacy, Cameron, Hidalgo

Frank J. Krupala

South Texas Ag Reserch - RGV, Inc
891 W Fox Ave
Raymondville, Texas 78580

Office: 956-689-5958
Fax: 956-689-4258


Education: MAg (Entomology/Plant Protection)
Memberships: NAICC, TVA, ESA, TCM
Certifications: CPCC-I
Services: IPM, GLP contract research including efficacy, residue, dislodgeable, environmental fate, soil dissipation.
Crops: Cotton, grain sorghum, corn, vegetables, citrus, sugarcane.
Counties: Willacy, Cameron, Hidalgo

Webb Wallace

RGV Ag Science
1822 Cherry Court
Harlingen TX 78550

Office: 956-423-6393
Fax: 956-423-6473
Mobile: 956-491-1793

Education: PhD (Agronomy)
Memberships: NAICC, ASA
Certifications: CPAg
Services: Integrated crop management, fertility, varieties, weed control, pest and disease management, growth regulators, harvest aids, production research, product evaluation, gps mapping.
Crops: Cotton, grain sorghum, seed corn, turf grass
Counties: Willacy, Cameron, Hidalgo

Curt Wilhelm

Curt Wilhelm Consulting
21122 Bouldin Rd
Harlingen TX 78550

Office: 956-428-6806

Education: BS (Entomology)
Crops: Cotton, grain sorghum
Counties: Willacy, Cameron, Hidalgo


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