High Plains Professional Agricultural Consultants

Kyle Aljoe

Crop Quest
604 W Lee St
Dimmitt TX 79207-3264

Office: 806-647-3692
Fax: 806-647-3692
Mobile: 806-647-7470

Education: BS (Agronomy)
Services: Soil fertility, herbicide recommendations, insect scouting and recommendations, irrigation scheduling, and growth regulator scheduling
Crops: Corn, cotton, wheat, alfalfa, grain sorghum, soybeans.
Counties: Castro, Parmer, Lamb

Robert Glodt, Jr.

Agri-Search, Inc
3136 Dimmitt Rd
Plainview, Texas 79072

Office: 806-296-0506
Fax: 806-296-2555
Mobile: 979-531-9302

Education: BS (Entomology)
Memberships: NAICC, HPACC
Certifications: CPCC-I
Services: Contract research to include: GLP residue studies, food processing studies and efficacy trials. Integrated Crop Management Services: insects, soil fertility, diseases, irrigation management.
Crops: Cotton, corn, grain sorghum, wheat, soybeans
Counties: Hale, Castro, Lamb, Swisher

Dana J. Palmer

Dana Palmer Co
PO Box 65206
Lubbock TX 79464

Office: 806-796-0570
Fax: 806-796-0570
Mobile: 806-777-7277

Education: MS (Entomology/Crop Sciences)
Memberships: NAICC, ASA
Certifications: CPCC-I
Services: Entomology, irrigation scheduling, soil fertility, tissue testing, pest management, crop nutrition.
Crops: Cotton, grain sorghum, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, potatoes, wheat, turf grass.

James C. Powell

Powell Ag Consulting Inc.
PO Box 64803
Lubbock TX 79464-4803

Office: 806-798-1719
Fax: 806-791-0255
Mobile: 806-789-3422

Education: BS (Entomology/Agronomy)
Memberships: NAICC
Certifications: CPCC
Services: Field scouting, irrigation scheduling, soil fertility, contract research, consulting.
Crops: Cotton, grain sorghum, sunflowers, corn, wheat.
Counties: Lubbock, Terry, Gaines, Cochran, Hockley

Mark Scott

Mark Scott Crop Consulting
1917 96th St
Lubbock TX 79432

Office: 806-745-4706
Fax: 806-745-4706
Mobile: 806-773-1444

Education: MS (Entomology)
Memberships: ESA, HPACC, Sigma X
Certifications: Board Certified Entomologist - ESA
Services: Entomology, agronomy, varietal selection, seed quality, fertility, irrigation scheduling, contract research.
Crops: Cotton, grain sorghum, peanuts, sunflowers, wheat, watermelons
Counties: Lubbock, Terry, Gaines, Lynn, Hockley

David Winters

Field Services
PO Box 756
Plainview TX 79073-0756

Office: 806-293-2152
Fax: 806-293-4020
Mobile: 806-292-7416

Education: BS (Crop Science)
Memberships: HIPACC, ASA
Certifications: CCA
Services: Entomology services, fertility recommendations, irrigation scheduling.
Crops: Cotton, corn, wheat, grain sorghum, vegetables
Counties: Hale, Swisher, Briscoe, Lamb


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