The Texas Association of Agricultural Consultants (TAAC) is an organization comprised of professional agricultural consultants from across the state. Our goal is to work together in a cooperative effort to help farm growers to address crop concerns in an environmentally responsible and profitable manner. We work with our clients in an effort that not only provides solutions to difficult problems, but also helps to nurture a greater understanding of the interaction and relationships existing between the various environmental factors that affect the production of agricultural crops.


Our members incorporate the sound principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in making crop management decisions. IPM methodology includes the use of intensive field monitoring to detect potential and/or current pest outbreaks, and weighs the various variables that influence the magnitude and severity of any pest problem. We include consideration of economic thresholds, beneficial pest populations, and the various chemical, biological and cultural tools that are available to address serious pest outbreaks.

IPM has a proven track record of helping farmers address crop pest problems in an environmentally responsible manner, while maximizing profitability. The use of chemical pesticides is always a consideration, but there many times exist other less expensive and more effective alternatives to crop protection. And many times, a variety of tools may be used to address a pest issue. Our job is to help growers select the best possible tools and alternatives to combat pest outbreaks, and to help the grower better understand the different principles being incorporated into the overall pest management strategy. See the definition of IPM.


Our greatest focus is providing individualized service to our clients. Everyone expects service that is tailored to their particular needs, and most pest situations cannot be addressed with a "one-size-fits-all" mentality. Our members strive to maintain a one-on-one relationship with their clients, and rather than be just a crop advisor, we are a cooperator with the farm grower to help manage a crop to a successful and economically fruitful end.


If you are a farm grower, you know the importance of experience in crop production. There are some things that can only be learned on the farm by being involved and being a part of management decisions. In order to become a member of TAAC, individuals must meet a rigid set of standards that includes a solid educational background combined with crop production experience. Growers who contract with a TAAC member for their crop consulting needs can be assured that they are receiving quality, experienced, and professional crop care. See our membership standards.


If you are an independent crop consultant, we would encourage you to consider becoming a member of our organization. We work on behalf of our membership and clients to maintain a well-informed network of professionals who address a number of issues that affect our industry. Some of these issues are off-farm, like monitoring of various state and federal legislative matters and regulations that impact our industry.

The organization also provides a forum for us to discuss the many and various issues that impact our work, and we discuss, research and explore new technologies in crop production. We share crop production ideas and strategies, and the organization facilitates communication among regions of the state as pest problems evolve. We would encourage you to browse other areas of this web site for information about the association, including our organization's background, and how to become an active member.

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